Gardening Calendar - February

Gardening Calendar


  • Amend beds with compost, minerals plus/greensand
  • Fertilize pansies, ground cover, trees, shrubs
  • Fertilize peach and plum trees, prune for better blooms
  • Plant spring veggie/seed starting
  • Spread pre-emergent on yard
  • Prune summer and fall blooming plants and trees
  • Cut back dormant perennials before new growth emerges
  • Divide ornamental grasses, daylilies, cannas
  • Apply corn gluten meal to lawn and turf grass
  • Prune roses
  • Select and plant gladiolus bulbs
  • Spot spray any winter seeds
  • Begin 1st major spring fertilization
  • Being sowing seeds indoors
  • Plant garlic, onions, and other winter veggies
  • Plant trees, shrubs, and cold-hardy perennials
  • Plan for spring planting