Bonzai 6"
Bonzai 6"

Bonzai 6"

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Small Japanese Juniper Bonsai Tree planted in 6″ ceramic container. Tree is are approximately 4-5 years old. Overall height is approximately 6-8″ tall.

  • Japanese Juniper (Juniperus procumbens nana)
  • Bonsai is approximately 4-5 years old
  • Tree is approximately 8″ – 10″ in height with 8″ – 10″ spread
  • Potted in a ceramic Bonsai container measuring approximately 6″ in length
  • Decorated with moss, pebbles, and stones
  • Most popular tree for Bonsai
  • Easy to shape and train
  • State agricultural restrictions prohibit delivery of this tree to California or Hawaii
  • The actual Bonsai and Container you receive may vary in size, shape, and color from the tree pictured

**Colors vary but we try our best to honor requested colors**