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  • Annuals – Pansies, Violas, Ornamental Cabbage, Ornamental Kale, Ornamental Peppers, Alyssum, Snapdragons, Marigolds, Dianthus, Petunias
  • Perennials – Chrysanthemums, Heuchera, Hosta, Oxalis, Salvia, Lambs Ear, Muhly Grass, Holly and Wood fern
  • Shrubs – Azaleas, Boxwoods, Camelia, Gardenias, Loropetalum, Nandinas, Pittosporum, Sunshine Ligustrum, Texas Sage, Roses, Indian Hawthornes
  • Tropical – Alocasia, Crotons, Foxtail Fern, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Sanseveria, Spathiphyllum, ZZ plant
  • Trees -
  • Veggie – Cabbage, Cauliflower, Brussel Sprouts, Spinach, Swiss Chard, Mustard, Broccoli, Arugula, Kale, Pak Choi, Lettuce

Below is a list of commonly found items at our Garden

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Annuals live for one growing season. Walton’s has a wide variety of full sun annuals, perfect for landscape areas that get 6 or more hours of direct sun per day. Dahlias and petunias are just a few of the many varieties that thrive in full sun. If you have an area that get 4 hours or less of direct sun, you’ll need shade annuals like Begonias.
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Plant Bloom Color Where
Alyssum White,Pink Sun/part sun
Angelonia Blue, Purple, Pink Sun
Begonia, Dark Leaf Red,White,Pink Sun/part sun
Calibrachoa Purple,Yellow, White Sun/part sun
Celosia Red, Yellow, Pink Sun/part sun
Cleome Purple, White, Pink Sun
Cuphea Red Sun
Cyclamen White, Red, Pink Sun/part sun
Dahlberg Daisy Yellow Sun
Diascia Purple, White, Pink, Red Sun
Dianthus Purple, White, Pink, Red Sun
Dusty Miller Yellow Sun
Euphorbia White Part Sun
Evolvulus (Blue Daze) Blue Sun
Flowering Cabbage Yellow Sun
Flowering Kale Yellow Sun
Gazania White, Yellow, Orange Sun
Gerbera Daisy Red, Yellow, Pink, White Part Sun
Helenium Yellow Sun
Heliotrope Blue Sun
Impatien Purple,White,Red,Pink Sun/part sun
Lobelia Blue Sun
Marigold Yellow, Orange Sun
Nicotiana Red, White, Pink Sun
Osteospermum (African Daisy) Blue,Prpl,Wht, Yllw Sun/part sun
Pansies Multiple Sun
Penta Prple,Red,White,Yllw Sun
Periwinkle White, Pink Sun
Petunia Prple,White,Red,Pink Sun/part sun
Portulaca Wht,Red,Yellow,Orng Sun
Purslane Yellow, White, Pink, Red Sun
Salvia Red, White, Pink Sun
Scaevola Blue,Purple,White,Pink Sun
Snapdragon Red,White,Yellow Sun
Sunpatien Prple, White, Pink Sun/part sun
Tapioca Variegated Foliage Sun
Vinca White, Pink Sun
Viola Multiple Sun
Zinnia Red,White,Yellow Sun
Begonia, Green Leaf Red,White,Pink Shade/prt sun
Coleus Prple,Red,Yllw,Grn Shade
Fuchsia Purple, Red, Pink Shade/part sun
Persian Shield Purple leaf Shade
Plectranthus Purple Shade/part sun
Sun Coleus Prple,Red,Yllw,Grn Shade/part sun


Perennials persist for more than one growing season and are great if you have an area with 6 or more hours of direct sun. Walton’s has a wide variety including Coreopsis, Echinacea, Lantana, and Verbena. For areas that get 4 hours or less of direct sun you need a shade perennial like Hosta, Persian Shield, and some types of fern.

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Plant Colors Where
Agave White, Yellow Sun
Anisacanthus quadrifidus (Hummingbird Bush) Red Sun
Artemesia White leaf Sun
Aster Purple, Blue, Pink Sun
Caesalpinia gilliesii (Texas Bird of Paradise) Red/Yellow Sun
Cestrum (Night Blooming Jasmine) Orange, White Sun/part sun
Coreopsis Yellow, Orange Sun
Daylily Yellow, Burgundy Sun
Dianthus Pink, White, Red Sun
Enchinacea (Coneflower) Purple, White, Pink, Orange Sun
Engelmannia Pinnatifida (Engelmann’s Daisy) Yellow Sun
Equisetum (Horsetail Reed) Green Stem Sun/part sun
Eupatorium greggii (Gregg’s Mistflower) Pale Blue Sun/part sun
Foxglove White, Pink Sun/part sun
Gaillardia (Blanket Flower) Red, Yellow Sun
Gaura White, Pink Sun
Hymenoxys acaulis (Four Nerve Daisy) Yellow Sun
Iris Prpl,Red,Wht,Yllw Sun
Lantana Red,Yellow Sun
Lavender Lavender Sun
Malvaviscus drummondii (Turk’s Cap) Red or Pink Sun/part sun
Melampodium leucanthum (Blackfoot Daisy) White Sun
Pavonia (Rock Rose) White, Pink Sun
Penstemon Pink,Purple, White Sun
Perovskia (Russian Sage) Lavender Sun
Phlox (Creeping) Blue, Purple, White, Pink Sun
Phlox Pink, Blue, White Sun
Physostegia (Obedient Plant) White, Pink Sun
Platycodon (Balloon Flower) Blue, White Sun/part sun
Plumbago Blue, White Sun/part sun
Rosa Drift Red, White, Pink, Yellow, Peach Sun
Rosemary Blue Sun
Rudbeckia Yellow Sun
Ruellia (Mexican Petunia) Pink, Blue, White Sun/part sun
Salvia Blue,Prple,Wht,Red Sun
Salvia greggii (Autumn Sage) Red, White, Pink, etc. Sun
Salvia leucantha (Mexican Bush Sage) Purple Sun
Salvia microphylla (Hot Lips) Red and White Sun
Scabiosa (Pincushion Flower) Pink, Blue Sun/part sun
Scutellaria suffrutescens (Texas Skullcap) Pink Sun
Sedum Autumn Joy Pink Sun
Tagetes limonii Yellow Sun
Tagetes lucida Yellow Sun
Verbena Prple,Wht,Red,Pnk Sun
Viguiera stenoloba (Skeleton-leaf golden-eye) Yellow Sun
Achillea (Yarrow) Yellow, Red Sun
Acanthus mollis (Bear’s Breeches) White Part sun/shade
Ajuga Blue Shade/pt sun
Calicarpa americana (American Beautyberry) Pink Part sun/shade
Columbine Red, Yellow Shade/part sun
Farfugium (Leopard Plant) Yellow Shade
Hosta White typically Shade/part sun
Hypericum henryii (St. John’s Wort) Yellow Part sun/shade


Walton’s has an extensive variety of full sun, shade or partial shade trees and shrubs you’re sure to love. Just a few of the varieties available at Walton’s are Chaste Tree, Butterfly Bushes, Lorapetalum, Hydrangea, Fatsia, and Japanese Maple. With so many choices, and Walton’s experts on hand to help, you can’t go wrong.

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Plant Bloom Color Where
Abelia White Sun
Bald Cypress Tree Sun
Barberry Sun
Blackberry/Blueberry Sun/part sun
Blue Atlas Cedar Tree (Standard, Weeping, Serpentine) Part Sun
Blue Point Juniper (Standard and Spiral) Sun
Buddleia (Butterfly Bush) Purple, White, Blue, Pink Sun
Burr Oak Tree Sun
Cedar Elm Tree Sun
Chinese Boxwood Sun/part sun
Chinese Pistachio Tree Sun
Chinkapin Oak Tree Sun
Citrus Orange, Lemon, Lime Sun/part sun
Contorted Filbert (Tree and Bush forms) Part Sun
Crabapple Tree Pink/White Sun
Crape Myrtle Pink, Red, White Sun
Desert Willow Tree Pink, Burgundy Sun
Drift Rose White, Red, Pink, Apricot Sun
Eleagnus White Sun/part sun
Encore Azalea Pink, Red, White Sun/part sun
Forest Pansy Redbud Tree Pink Sun
Fruit Trees (Apple,Pear,Plum,Peach) Sun/part sun
Ginkgo Tree Sun
Hybrid Tea Rose Multiple Sun
Hydrangea White, Blue, Pink Shade
Indian Hawthorn White, Pink Sun/part sun
Italian Cypress Sun
Knockout Rose Red, Pink, White, Yellow Sun
Lacebark Elm Tree Sun
Little Gem Magnolia Tree White Sun
Live Oak Tree Sun
Loropetalum White, Pink, Red Sun
Neddlepoint holly sun
Nellie R. Stevens Holly Sun
Oklahoma Redbud Tree Pink Sun
Oleander Pink, Red, White Sun
Privet White Sun/part sun
Red Yucca Red Sun
Savannah Holly (Tree and Bush forms) Sun
Shumard Red Oak Tree Sun
Soft Leaf Yucca White Sun/part sun
Spirea White, Pink Sun
Texas Sage Purple Sun
Vitex/Chaste Tree Purple, White Sun
Wintergreen Boxwood Sun/part sun
Yaupon Holly Sun
Camelia Pink, Red, White Part Sun/shade
Dogwood Tree White, Pink Shade/part sun
Gardenia White Part Sun/shade
Japanese Aralia Shade
Japanese Maple Tree (Upright,Weeping,Dwarf) Green, Red Leaf Shade/part sun
Japanese Yew Part Sun/shade
Nandina White Sun/shade


Click here to go to Shade Tropicals.

Plant Bloom Color Where
Hibiscus Red, Pink, Yellow Sun/Part Sun
Bougainvillea Purple, Pink Sun
Mandevilla White, Red, Pink Sun/Part Sun
Allamanda Yellow Sun/Part Sun
California Bush Daisy Yellow Sun/Part Sun
ZZ Plant Part Sun
Chinese Fan Palm Sun
Bromeliad Red, Pink, Yellow Sun/Part Sun
Roebellinii Palm Sun
Majesty Palm Sun
Duranta Blue Sun/Part Sun
Ponytail Palm Sun/Part Sun
Aloe Vera Yellow Part Sun
Anthurium Red Part Sun
Philodendron Part Sun
Croton Part Sun
Cape Town Honeysuckle Yellow, Orange Sun/Part Sun
Shrimp Plant Red, Yellow Sun/Part Sun
Rubber Plant Part Sun
Norfolk Pine Part Sun
Cactus variety Sun
Succulent variety Sun
Cordyline Part Sun
Banana Tree Sun/Part Sun
Bird of Paradise Orange Sun
Dipladenia Red, Pink Sun/Part Sun
Bleeding Heart Red Part Sun
Sky Vine Blue Sun/Part Sun
Passion Vine Red, Orange Sun/Part Sun
Thryallis Yellow Sun/Part Sun
Mona Lavender Purple Shade/Pt. Shade
Schefflera Part Shade
Tibouchina Blue Part Shade
Stromanthe Tristar “Ginger” Pink Shade
Kimberly Queen Fern Shade/Part Shade
Macho Fern Shade/Part Shade
Spathiphyllum White Shade
Miami Gardenia White Part Shade
Ixora Red, Yellow, Orange Part Shade
Aboricola Variegated Part Shade